Current Events

We run two types of event to demonstrate our technology and its benefits to advertisers.

Our Pop-Up Media events are designed to attract attention in a market by showcasing new and cutting-edge audio-visual displays in carefully chosen venues.

Always eye-catching, and often featuring technology never before seen in that market, the installation becomes a talking point that creates opportunities for local and global brands to benefit from the resulting consumer engagement.

Our second type of event involves working with major venues to build networks of our newest and most exciting technology, delivering a long-term advertising opportunity for national and international brands.

In either case, our marriage of innovative technology and winning venue creates firsts in every market.


We made a decision to work in the Chinese market in 2010 and picked beijing international airport due to the number of people who visit the airport on a daily basis. We installed 7 x 3D screens for a 4 month duration, September to December 2010 and had a phenomenal response from the market.

South Africa

During the FIFA 2010 World Cup we installed 10 x 3D screens in Johannesburg and CT airports in order to reach the thousands who descended upon South Africa. The locations within the airports ensured that all domestic and international travellers got to experience the technology. We had a tremendous number of clients from the domestic market as well as companies from all over the world who saw the opportunity during the biggest sporting event in the world as unmissable.


Balfour takes significant interest in working in very strong but smaller markets to show our global versatility. Oslo Central station was an obvious location in Scandinavia in terms of the quality and quantity of people who go through the station on a daily basis. We installed 5 screens for a 4 week period in the centre of the station to maximise client exposure.

St Pancras International Train Station

We installed 8 x 3D screens in to a WOW Zone formation with a 3D Holographic centre piece in the central location of St Pancras Station for a 2 week period. The idea of the location was to ensure that we targeted a high profile commuter audience as well as tourists traveling on Eurostar.

Saudi Arabia

We have worked successfully in malls in Riyadh and Jeddah for the last 3 years with our 3D technology. The technology, being so new, was received tremendously well. We feel that 2011 is the perfect time to introduce our newest technology as seen in the picture which is a Chameleon POD. We have 3 year contracts in 3 of the best malls in Saudi Arabia showing our large client base our unrelenting desire to constantly innovate to ensure maximum benefit.


Having had an incredible response to our 6 x 3D screens in 2010 we did thorough research and decided that Mexico is such an emerging market that the best way to succeed is by constant innovation of audio visual technology. We are therefore installing our Chameleon PODS in 2011 on a 4 year contract with plans to move in to more of the Central and South American markets.


We chose Broadgate as the venue for the UK 3D experience because of the location, audience and profile. It is an institution within the City of London and the heart of the financial district. The set up is somewhat different to other installations in that it is outdoor. However that has added to the WOW factor as we have placed the screens in a futuristic dome structure drawing even more attention. We have had a phenomenal response from the UK market and we'll be back in 2011.